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Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits Custom Labels

The gallery on this Wine & Spirits Market page contains example images of CCL pressure sensitive wine & spirits labels, shrink-sleeve wine & spirits labels, promotional wine & spirits labels, and wet glue wine & spirits labels.


Wine & Spirits – Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL)

Unlimited design possibilities, brilliant printing results with gold, silver and metallic effects make PS Labels to become a trendsetter.

10 April, 2016 in  Wine & Spirits
Wine & Spirits – Shrink Sleeves
Shrink Sleeves

Shrink Sleeves guarantee maximum shelf stand out and lend your product a certain brilliance that catches the eye.

10 April, 2016 in  Wine & Spirits
Wine & Spirits – Promotions
Wine & Spirit Promotional Labels

The extra piece of “added value” for your packaging. We help to improve your point-of-sale communication!

10 April, 2016 in  Wine & Spirits
Wine & Spirits – Wet Glue Labels
Wet Glue Wine & Spirits Labels

Wet glue labels for reel-fed production are particularly well-suited and efficient for larger and mass production quantities.

21 May, 2016 in  Wine & Spirits
Sustainability Labels
Sustainability Labels

CCL’s Sustainability Labels offer a more eco-friendly option for creating great-looking labels for your packaging.

5 July, 2018 in  Wine & Spirits

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