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The Positive Program – Enlabeling Sustainability at CCL Label

Enlabeling Sustainability at CCL Label

We have named our sustainability roadmap “The Positive Program – Enlabeling Sustainability” at CCL Label F&B. The program has three main pillars, The Positive Plastic Pledge, Positive Products and Production and The Positive Academy.

Let us take a closer look at these three building blocks…

The Positive Plastic Pledge

The pledge ultimately underpins that we love our labels and sleeve solutions and are committed to using different materials from paper to plastic for our unique solutions. BUT we are pledging to a sustainable approach when dealing with plastics. First, we invest a certain amount of our budget into R&D – aimed at coming up with more sustainable solutions for our customers. Second, we accelerate this investment by teaming up with partners along the value chain to drive change at a larger scale. Third, we commit ourselves to education to support a fact-based discussion around plastics and take an holistic view.

Positive Products and Production

One of our largest missions is to monitor and lower our carbon footprint. Action on climate is at the core of what we do and we use a special software to collect all the data from our almost 200 production sites worldwide to set measurable targets.
Our Positive Products are our portfolio of sustainable label choices that puts the goal of the customer first. If reducing the amount of plastic overall is the goal, our extremely thin Triple S Stretch Films might be a great solution. If recycling plastic material is the target, we have several label and sleeve options made from recycled content like rPET or rPP. We have also engineered materials that enable most of the packaging to be recyclable – by performing ideally in the recycling process. EcoStream Labels and EcoFloat Sleeves detach easily, without leaving any trace in the sink/Float process of the recycler – therefore enabling high-quality PET and thus bottle-to-bottle recycling – closing the loop.

The Positive Academy

The third pillar is a series of internal and external presentations and education tools to further spread the word on how labels can make a large difference when designing product packaging by taking “Design for Recycling” into account.

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